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Quick Cooling Air Conditioning & Heating has over 20 years of experience in commercial heating and cooling repair. Our work is 100% guaranteed. And don’t forget emergency service is always available 24/7.


We service all types of commercial properties:


• Office Buildings
• Shopping Centers
• Entertainment Complexes
• Schools & Universities
• Government Properties
• Healthcare Facilities

Money Saving Heating & Air Maintenance Tips

Ask us about other money saving tips.

Request A Size Calculation: When you’re running a business, it’s particularly important to make sure you install HVAC equipment that makes sense for your space. Opting for even a slightly bigger system than what’s called for will lead to high utility bills that will cut into your bottom line. Asking Quick Cooling & Heating for a size calculation estimate will allow you to find a system that keeps your costs as low as possible.

Go With An Energy Star System: Choosing an HVAC system with only an average efficiency rating is a surefire way to saddle your business with frustrating bills. Selecting an Energy Star system means you’ll be acquiring an infrastructure that will offer the highest energy efficiency on the market. In addition to saving money, you’ll also promote your company as a friend of the environment.

Buy Small-Scale Equipment: Sometimes, it makes the most sense to go small with your equipment to avoid high long-term costs. For instance, if you’re worried about the office space being too dry, it’s wise to purchase an evaporator cooler. While initially, this product may seem like an extra expense, it will save the company in the long run from having to pay the onerous bills associated with heavy-duty compressors.

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